FRIENDS Weight Loss
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At FRIENDS Weight Loss

We have had some amazing results with weight loss.
We will educate you and arm you with valuable information to accomplish the weight loss you are looking for through educational talks, weight loss supplements and regimes.
Friendships: Come and meet new friends who share a common goal!
Resources: We offer many educational resources to encourage commitment.
Intent: What do you want to accomplish? We intend to help you get there and stay there!
Encouragement: Our enthusiasm will WOW you!
Networking: We will provide you with companies, providers and ways to help you accomplish your goals.
Dedication: We are dedicated to helping you achieve your goal weight! As well as maintaining it.
Support: We will be your biggest cheerleader and help you find answers to any questions you might have.

  • We offer two convenient meetings a week (you can attend one or both)


  • Weight Loss Supplements also available


  • Learn to eat healthy and maintain your goal weight


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